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Sale price as of posting: $12.99… MULTICOLOR DIMMABLE LIGHT BULBS: Create cool bedroom lighting and choose from millions of RGB color variations to accent any decor. Perfect as gaming lights, mood lighting, home decor or bedroom decor. WIFI SMART BULB: With your home's 2.4GHz Wi-Fi you can easily control your lights. Use your smartphone as a remote or voice command your smart home devices with Alexa and Google Home using your echo dot or Google home device. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIGHTING: Dim, power and schedule your color changing lights to match your routine, or easily control from the comfort of your bed or sofa. PRISMA 800 replaces outdated clapper light control with innovative smart home technology! BRIGHT ILLUMINATION: Get crisp, clear 60W equivalent illumination from a 9 watt LED light bulb. Save money and switch to energy-efficient LED lights for bedroom, living room, holiday or party lights. NO HUB REQUIRED: Integrate Geeni Lux LED lights with remote control from your phone into any smart home, no hub required. Simply install these A19 RGB lights, download the Geeni app and connect with Alexa or Google Home.
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